Somali Youth and Family Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing essential services to Somali and other underserved communities in King County.


Somali Youth & Family Club (SYFC) strongly believes that the protection and educational development of all youth and the access to resources for families is necessary and integral to human progress.

SYFC works to accomplish this vision through the following objectives: early intervention and direction to prevent family instability, alleviate pressures so families can work towards self-sufficiency and integrate into society, and develop skills to strengthen the refugee/immigrant community.

We Are Changing

SYFC has been going through major changes in 2019 and our new brand colors reflect our new identity and what characteristics we want to embody. This is what our colors say about who Somali Youth & Family club is and will continue to be in the future.

We are Warm

We are Decisive

We are Creative

We are Calm

Our Values
Our values are extensions of promises we make to ourselves and those we serve.


We promise to hold ourselves and others accountable and treat each other with dignity. 


We promise to think ahead. To come up with novel solutions to ensure our clients can rest easy knowing they are in our care. 


We promise to use our talents to the best interests of our clients and the community. 



 We promise not only to guide, but to carve out opportunity for others to assume responsibility in their community.  


We promise our youth and families will have the opportunity to reach potential they never       thought possible.  


We promise to offer just and equal treatment to every client, regardless of age, race or ethnicity, sex, gender identity, or orientation.  

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